"Sometime Soon" in development...

Sometime Soon (current working title) is a collaborative and participatory arts show that will be performed in early June, 2023. In it, we seek to tell untold stories from our local community of older adults. Through spoken word, song, music and expressive movement, Sometime Soon will gently explore attitudes to mortality, legacy, loss, resilience, gratitude, what it is to age well and the emotional intelligence that develops with years.

Involvement in the project will offer older people the benefits of dance through practice, creative exploration and performance opportunities that counter ageism. We want to shift perspectives, challenge stereotypical views, build relationships, and bring in additional perspectives informed by research around wellbeing and the valuable contributions older adults make to communities.

Sometime Soon will be part of Anywhere Festival (theatre anywhere but a theatre) which began in 2011 as Brisbane's revolutionary take on the fringe festival concept. Now in its twelfth year, Anywhere Festival puts artists first so they can take creative risks using non-traditional spaces for performance. 

About the facilitators

We are a small group of performing artists interested in meaningful conversation, dance for wellbeing throughout the lifespan, and stimulating social change through the telling of untold stories. We come from diverse backgrounds in the visual and performing arts, music, dance, education, counselling, occupational therapy and social gerontology.

Come Dance (Julie Chenery and Jen Price) offers inclusive and accessible dance experience specialising in older adults across the lifespan. Their objective is to support people to remain active, be socially connected and to improve their quality of life and live well, longer. Come Dance was founded in early 2022 to offer dance to older adults for the joy of the artform, and for all the health and wellbeing benefits that can come from an approach that is specifically tailored for the diversity and challenges of older adults. 

Mira Chorik is an artist and award-winning producer. Her work investigates loss, meaning and remembrance in performing art installations. She creates participatory spaces with archival objects, photography, projection and music. She is also an award-winning songwriter whose melancholy folk songs create an intimate and quiet space for reflection. Residencies and performances include Caboolture Hub Studio residency, Old Lock Up residency, Project 24 Residency, Anywhere Festival, Moreton Bay Food & Wine Festival, Maleny Lane, Moreton Bay Park Jam and Woodford Folk Festival. Mira also hosts the Songwriters Roundtable, a supportive space for songwriters to meet and hone the art of songwriting. 

Dr Kelli Dendle is an occupational therapist and adjunct fellow with the Sustainability Research Centre at University of the Sunshine Coast. Her research work has focussed on the lived experience of ageing in diverse Australian residential contexts. Her research interests include wellbeing and quality of life across the lifespan. She aims to improve wellbeing outcomes for people, embracing the built and natural environments we coexist with. She’s also a woodworker and songwriter.

Image: Katie Bennett, Embellysh Photography. Courtesy Moreton Bay Regional Council.

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