Project 24

This month, I've been involved in a very cool collaborative art-making process at 2nd Space in Nambour called the Project 24 Residency. It provides the time and space for artists to develop, collaborate, experiment and then showcase their findings. I've been working with two beautiful artists I studied at Charles Darwin University with, Jane Anderson and A Maree

Come see what we've been up to! It's dream-like and magical...

Through gentle reverie, our site-specific installation asks questions about the public and private space and explores the porous nature of the boundary between those spaces. What is public? What is private? When is the public, private and the private, public? How do we know what is “public” and what is “private”?

Wednesday 25th January 2023
5:30pm – 7:30pm

2nd Space is accessed via the laneway beside 36 Howard St, Nambour QLD 4560 (see detailed directions below. Venue parking is limited but nearby on-street parking is available.

Head to 36 Howard Street in Nambour and turn into the laneway... (the laneway is between the Suncoast Foodbank and a double-storey brick building with a big “36” on the front). At the top of the laneway, head to the carpark on your right and you’ll see the building we share with the Jazzercise Team, head-on into the 2nd Space door (you'll see a neon pink 'DANCE HERE NOW' sign inside).