Exploring the visual language of a song

When I felt into the visual language of the song, Sweet Rain, a sense of intense vulnerability arose: a thin skin, under threat from the slightest touch in a world made of sharp objects - an experience of tension and suspension, waiting for the inevitable. Then the idea of fullness and ripeness, pregnant and ready to burst open and explode, to become nothing. Then an inquiry sparked that brought me back to why I write songs in the first place: if it's true that I'm a "spiritual being having a human experience", then my songs and art are my attempt to come to terms with that. I started thinking about transcendence, of the lotus in bloom rising above the surface of the murky waters, of the pristine purity of mathematical shapes existing in the same plane as a familiar representative image. These photographs and sketchbook pages demonstrate my initial dreaming of how these undercurrents of a song might speak in pictures.