Waiting Game

When was the last time you had time on your hands? Sunshine Coast artists Mieke van den Berg and Mira Chorik play with texture, repetition and mark making within the confined space of the Old Lock Up in Maroochydore. An inquiry into waiting forms the heart of their experimental, durational work. Viewers of all ages and artistic abilities were invited to come waste/spend/kill some time in an interactive event and installation on Sunday 20th September, 2021.

Mieke van den Berg explores cultural separation through sculpture, installation and performance. Through a matrilineal feminist lens, she addresses the themes of displacement, memory and trauma. Her work is conceptual - consisting of layers filled with meaning and metaphors using found objects and materials. Mieke was a Finalist in Lyn McCrea memorial drawing prize 2020 and an excellence award winner of the Local Artist - Local Content Art Prize 2020 at the Caloundra Regional Gallery. In 2019 she was an artist in residence at Draw to Perform, Brighton in the UK. www.artbymieke.com | @mieke_artist

Mira Chorik is an artist, award-winning songwriter and producer. She creates experiential group spaces with drawing, photography, found objects, music and poetry. Residencies and performances include Caboolture Hub Studio Residency, Eudlo Music Nights, Anywhere Festival and Woodford Folk Festival. Since April 2019, Mira has hosted the Songwriters Roundtable, a supportive space for local songwriters to meet and hone the art of songwriting.

Wrap Sheet, 2021. Toilet paper. 6.72m x 2.38m

Uneven Ground, 2021. White raku paper clay. 3m x 2.42m

Paper Trails, 2021. Paper. 2.38 x 2.42m

Still from Perspective, 2021. Projected film. 4.16 minutes.

Mieke van den Berg & Mira Chorik