Something Your Hand Touched 2021


About the event...
Something Your Hand Touched: art, music and remembrance, explored loss, meaning and meaninglessness. Uniting archival found objects and photographs with non-objective imagery, projections, story, poetry and performances of moving tributes from local musicians, the event held space for the beauty of darkness and mystery in a culture addicted to positivity and certainty.

About the art work...
The world of things, specifically the things left behind when we die, provides a rich source of creative inquiry and archival arts practice. To address this inquiry, I used my deceased father’s archive of documents and photographs to explore melancholy as a desirable “aesthetic emotion” and investigate the complexities of photographs- as-images and photographs-as-objects. In my work, I addressed three types of melancholy: melancholy embedded in archival objects which tell stories of the past while remaining evidence of the loss of that past; melancholy embedded in the archive with its legacy of absent narratives; and the inherent melancholy of photographs in their function as reminders of loss and death. I committed archival treason by destroying a selection of photographic slides, and questioned what might be lost or gained by this action.

Although initially prompted by a personal impulse to see through my father’s eyes and meditate on my own death, universal themes of loss, memory, the fragility of the body and meaning/lessness informed my process. The creative works that emerged from this inquiry were exhibited in Something Your Hand Touched (2021) at the Caboolture Hub. Viewers were invited to a gentle contemplation of loss, the things we leave behind when we die, memory and meaning/lessness.

Something Your Hand Touched (2021). Collaborative installation created by the songwriters.

Huge gratitude to Charles Living, Margaret Shepherd-Tovey, Andrew Shepherd, Kelli Dendle, Tom Ryan, Larysa Fabok, Tony Rowe, Adam D'Lawrence, Maree Reedman, Lucy Gallant, John Roza and Moreton Bay Regional Council.

For videos from the event, see the YouTube playlist, Something Your Hand Touched.