Meet the cast of Bow Down to Your Queen

A fabulous crew of Brisbane and Moreton Bay actors and performers gathered to bring Bow Down to Your Queen: a tribute to the King of Horror together. Each of them brought a unique magic to their roles and made the show a success. 

Lindsay Drummond 
Master of Ceremonies and Margaret White from "Carrie"

Improvisation teacher @ Improv Hub, director, coach, player, dramaturg and musician.

Founder of ImprovHub, Lindsay was one of the first in the world to start teaching improv online. As a pioneer of online improv Lindsay teaches games, tools and exercises especially for an online environment. Lindsay has directed improvised musicals and theatre shows for Improv Hub, Improv CafĂ©, Impromafia, Big Fork Theatre and Ho Hum @ events such as 4Play, Brisbane Funny Fest and the Brisbane Feminist Festival. She currently directs Improv Hub's online house team 'Godfrey's Choice'. She also performs in the Improv troupes: 'A Thing' (an online musical improv trio), 'Flotsam & Jetsam' (a musical improv concept duo), ‘Slow Burn’ and 'The Honey Spiders' (an online international improv ensemble). Lindsay has a Bachelor of Social Science (Behavioural Studies), a Graduate Certificate in Creative and Professional Practice and is a Master Practitioner of NLP. Lindsay has also been a professional musician and entertainer for over 20 years. Lindsay has trained in Improv with some of the best and most prominent improvisers in the world such as Jill Bernard, David Razowsky, Patti Stiles, Heather Uquart, Joe Bill, Carlo Richie, Liz Peters, Stephen Thornton, Armando Diaz and Andrew Eninger. Lindsay is also the creator of Drummond and Friend, a popular online YouTube show where she improvises scenes with other great improvisers from all around the world. She also hosts 'Masters of Improv' on YouTube where she interviews Master Teachers and performers of Improv from all over the world. With much experience in writing, producing and directing Lindsay has also acted as dramaturg for authors, performers and musicians to help them research, strategize, brainstorm and envision their creative productions. Lindsay is a self confessed 'Improv evangelist' and truly believes if everyone in the world did just one Improv class, the world (maybe even the universe) would be a better place! You can connect with Lindsay on facebook

Carol Matheson
Annie Wilkes from "Misery"

Carol is an award-winning Actor and professional Artist who lives in Brisbane, Queensland. Acting and creating art gives her the opportunity to dazzle her audiences with her creative spirit and passion to entertain. Carol is interested in pushing extreme polars thus giving her an edge over others. She is currently studying Acting with some of the most renowned and talented acting coaches in Australia. Most of her professions have been in a creative nature and she believes these are her strengths. “I love working emotively and always try to highlight that point of view”. As a professional award-winning Artist, Carol has over 35 awards and has been featured on television and radio and in newspapers and magazines. Creating beautiful art led her to seek out a career in the industry of acting. Carol believes these two industries are similar as you need to put yourself out there which can be challenging and rewarding as it unravels layers like an onion exposing sides of the personality you didn’t know existed.

Tania Emiliani
Dolores Claiborne from "Dolores Claiborne"

Tania Emiliani has always loved the expressive arts - drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, acting, music and dance. Tania has a background in graphic design, early childhood education and care, assisting children with additional needs, and has taught art to children. Tania has combined all these skills with her empathic nature to create her own client-centred Expressive Arts Therapy business called Expressive Freedom - to help empower others to live the life they want. It's a place where you not only have the freedom to express yourself, but your expressions can bring you freedom! Expressive Arts Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that supports people to explore and improve their mental, emotional and physical health with the use of creative processes for expression. Artistic ability is NOT a requirement. From your expression, Tania can guide you to find your own meaning which in turn can create insight and change in your life! Tania works with children and adults in one-on-one sessions and group workshops. Tania facilitates a fun dance therapy experience monthly called "SHAKE IT in the Shadows!" More information on Tania's workshops can be found here and you can follow Tania on Facebook or Instagram

Tate Adams
Paul Sheldon from "Misery"

Hello to all the people that are reading this! My name is Tate, I am what you call a..... Actor of the Theatrical and Cinematical Arts. and from time to time I'm also a semi Professional Bmx freestyle Rider. I love anything to do with Acting, it just fills my heart entertaining others and creating something special that I can share with people. One day you will hear and see me on the big screen so... watch out till then!! You can find me on Instagram - Tate Adams

Annika Jarrett
Charlene McGee from "Firestarter"

Hi my name is Annika. I am actually 13, much older that Charlie McGee. I really enjoy art and thought that participating in Bow Down to Your Queen might be another way to express my artistic abilities. I was very nervous to start with but I ended up really enjoying it! I am in year 8 and enjoy Volleyball, home economics and art. At home I enjoy hanging out with our two French Bulldogs, Delilah and Chester and my cat Astrid. I also really like helping my Mum cook dinner and hanging out with my friends (my Mum played the trivia quiz host). - Annika

Amanda Jarrett
King of Horror Trivia Host

I have been a fan of Stephen King since before I can really recall. I am the person at the book shop the day his new book is released rubbing my hands in anticipation at the hours of escapism coming my way. My one and only bookshelf is crammed full of Mr King, many of which were procured from my favourite, musty, crammed to the hilt second hand book store in Maroochydore. I often wish I had as much talent in my body as Stephen King has in his tiny pinkie finger, how amazing is his mind to churn out amazing story after amazing story. It was a real pleasure to jump at the opportunity to host the trivia and put all the useless (in day to day life) Stephen King knowledge that my brain has retained (unlike any of the algebra I learnt in year 11) It was great to get out of my comfort zone and be a part of something so fun and something I would do again in a heartbeat! - Amanda

Charles Living

With ears like a brilliantly baffled bat and skills with live and production audio tech to match, Charles is keen to deliver an awesome audio sonic experience. Special FX expert at Sunny Sunday radio play at Night Quarter and live mix engineering at Anywhere festival. Versed in subs and mids and sizzling sibilants Charles loves giving edge to barking muddy boxes.

Mira Chorik
The Singer and Carrietta White from "Carrie"

Mira is a conceptual artist based in Bellthorpe. An award-winning songwriter and producer, she creates experiential spaces with the archive, found objects, non-objective drawing, photography, projection, music, writing and poetry. Residencies and performances include Caboolture Hub Studio Residency, Eudlo Music Nights, Anywhere Festival and Woodford Folk Festival. Mira runs the Songwriters Roundtable, a supportive space for local songwriters to meet and hone the art of songwriting.