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Gratitude from Misery Inc
Mira Chorik, Lindsay Drummond, Carol Matheson, Tania Emiliani, Charles Living, Amanda, Annika and Tate Adams


  1. Tamara12:33

    Such a wonderful, warm show - with a little pinch of Steven King horror. I had a great time, and was so deeply moved by Mira Chorik's music and songs. They really struck a chord with me. My only criticism is: I wanted more!

  2. Cheryl12:37

    I really enjoyed your show. You have am amazing voice and your musical compositions were fantastic. I am in awe of your talent. In my next life I would love to be gifted the ability to sing well. The blend of theatre and music was really enjoyable. Your team did really well. I loved that your performance was “different”. Its great to see these types of performances coming to Moreton Bay Region. Having 18 attendees was fabulous I thought, especially seeing it was the 1st time the Anywhere Festival has been run in Moreton Bay.

  3. Catherine20:13

    Thank you for your thought provoking show. I love the randomness of going to a Stephen King inspired show... not knowing what I'll get!! Your songs captured a feeling of the characters. Lyrics were moving and your instrumentals sounds very engaging. I really enjoyed the story telling style you have. Thank you

  4. I had no idea of who Stephen King, is, and certainly have never even held one of his books, and rarely read any novels, let alone horror or crime novels. I thus was able to enjoy the show for its creativity and vibrancy, as I really had little interest in the content itself!! (And I still am not interested in ever reading one of his books.)

    I really enjoyed the evening - for its freshness, creativity, and just the full delight of live, original theatre. The cast, especially Mira, were very skilled, and obviously enjoying presenting the show - which was very well staged, and had obviously had a lot of loving preparation and thought go into it. The Caboolture Library was a great venue, and it was great to see this space being used in this way.

    I will be first in line for the next presentation!!!

    Congratulations to all involved, and thanks to the Council for making this possible.

  5. Kerry18:30

    Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Bow down to the Queen’. Mira and the Misery Inc. crew took the audience on an elegant journey into the darker side of life, and I could feel the characters from Stephen King’s books coming alive. I especially loved the reading from Dolores Claiborne, and the Red Rum song.

  6. Cardie Boydell18:32

    I was captivated by the show from the beginning. The highlights for me were the songs and the performance of those songs by Mira. The peak of the play for me was the part about Carrie and the menacing acting of Annie from Misery.

    The songs all suited the tone of the material and were performed with mastery . The unique way the audience was drawn in to participation brought a feeling of ‘inclusion’.

    I highly recommend this play .

  7. Maree09:51

    My husband & I had a ball. He was Stephen King for the afternoon & the audience participation added an extra level of fun. Mira’s voice & songwriting is special & she shows that she is the Queen to The King of Horror. Her supporting cast is wonderful. Step into some Misery on a Saturday afternoon - you’ll be glad you did.

  8. Carla09:53

    What a wonderful, well-produced show. I was so impressed by all of the cast and the music that Mira wrote and compiled was very fitting and mood creating. A wonderful collection of works in honour of Mr King. Very thought provoking with several challenging themes being presented to the audience in an interactive way.

  9. Anonymous09:57

    Congratulations on the world premier performance on Saturday! I thoroughly enjoyed the show, as the did the other audience members. It was a fabulous mix of dramatic monologues, improv, humour, audience participation all beautifully stitched together by Mira's original songs and exquisite voice. I think the show is a great match for being staged in libraries.

  10. Rosie12:07

    I came to see ‘Bow down to your queen’ with my two teenage daughters. They are interested in performing arts and music, but I wondered how they would be with the show when they are used to the fast-paced social media and action movies that young people of their age often consume. They loved the show and stayed engaged for all of it. In addition to the absorbing and beautifully crafted songs at the heart of it, the show had a great mix of background information, acted scenes, book readings and audience interaction. The combination of these elements made it very entertaining. We enjoyed the show and left feeling inspired to explore Stephen King’s writing and also the movies based on his books.


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