slide art ideas

I scoured the internet for ideas that appeal to me of what I could do with Dad's boxes of old slides... Engaging the materiality of the slides in way that's not kitschy is an interesting challenge. Also read this wee article on the history of slides.

From Transparency, an exhibition:

Slides in a book! (source)

Really beautiful display (source)

Scanning & blowing up the slides, printing onto plastic... (source)

Intrigued by the idea of using tiny frames in a juxtaposition of some kind... (source)

An entire wall of slides (source)

Embroidering slides (source)

I love the idea of modifying the slides in some way then working with them in other mediums... (source)

Little tiny books (source)

Accordion slide book (source)

Curtains (source)

I like these curtains better (source)

Drawings inspired by slides in a storyboard (source)

Beautiful... (source)

Lampshade (source)

Wall lamps (source)

More wall lamps (source)

Table lamp (source)

Fairy lights! Pretty pretty! (source)

Slide tea light holders (source)

An epic slide chandelier (source)