Digital Arts NT

Announcing a super cool new project from Charles Darwin University! Digital Arts NT is a student-led "interdisciplinary collective of artists, scholars, and students dedicated to using digital technologies to showcase works by socially engaged innovators, and specifically Australian works that support vulnerable individuals and communities. We are interested in presenting creative works and research that aim to foster understanding and cooperation among different social identities, using artistic practice as a way to heal from individual and collective trauma, and deliver mentoring to foster success in higher education and research."

"The creations we welcome include, but are not limited to documentaries about frontline work during the COVID-19 pandemic, ethically motivated digital designs, experimental films and online concerts for supporting individual mental health and collective healing, digital creations that seek to debunk conspiracy theories and foster critical thinking, digital works that can help us cope with uncertainty and emotional suffering, digital works seeking truth-telling about the history of Australia, digitally enhanced webinars or research articles, digitally enhanced literary writings and readings, imaginative systems for empathic communication compatible with physical distancing, podcast interviews with ethical decision makers or people made vulnerable by the pandemic, and proposals for partnerships with other institutions and universities anywhere in the world. We will encourage thinking outside the box to foster compassionate and imaginative cooperation across communities and across social identities."

Current projects below: