VIS220: Project one drawings + more photos

Some charcoal, pencil and pen drawings exploring trees that used to be (full resolution images here). I love the starkness of the light in the charcoal drawings... the intensity of the blacks and the whites... the simplicity of the sharp shadow lines. I tried on a few things... figures bowing... the crow... Cavalry Hill... I was having some trouble really getting into the spirit of exploration until the idea of halos emerged. For this project, I wasn't really enjoying the looseness of the charcoal and I wanted something more controlled. The pen drawing is simple below but I think it's the direction I want to go in now (similar to the Springbrook poster I did a while ago). I guess with art (and possibly anything worthwhile doing) you've got to go down a few rabbit holes to know what it is you don't want and to pave the way for new ideas to come.

I have a sense of the final project now - a finished pen, pencil and charcoal drawing (A3 size) combining a memorial (flowers piled up, teddy bears, photographs of the tree that used to be) and a sacred object with a halo like medieval painters used around their saints :)


A few more photographs...