VIS220: project one photographs

To delve into trees that used to be, I went on 4 photo shoots in my local area. I took tons of snaps, the best of which are below. I love the idea behind the imagery but the experience was frankly, traumatic. I felt incredibly vulnerable, exposed, self-conscious and silly on the side of the road.. cars whizzing past... one person even stopped and got out to ask if I was okay. If I had a proper camera with some impressively large lens and maybe a bum bag I would've felt a little stronger maybe - like I had a uniform that gave me authority and permission to be taking photographs. Using my iPhone felt a little like clandestine surveillance... As always a good learning experience.

Conclusion No. 1:
Future attempts at the making of public art will need to await an exponential growth in self-confidence. Or maybe menopause. I've heard that women stop caring so much about what people think after 50.

Conclusion No. 2:
It's like, really really really hard to take good photographs in the rainforest. The contrast is too intense unless it's dawn... or you manage to catch the 15 minutes of golden sun at the end of the day.

Conclusion No. 3:
No amount of faffing about with filters and editing and vignette can turn an average photograph into a good one.