Look for me under your bootsoles

Inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem “Song of Myself”, Look for me under your bootsoles uses grass as a metaphor to embrace existential concerns. In particular those around ambition, intention, individuality and death. We seek out, grasp and claw at meaning. At moments, we’re blessed enough to hold it still and for a time, be a custodian of purpose. And finally, we sink into the meaninglessness we spend our lives attempting to avoid. 

Look for me under your bootsoles 
Mira Chorik
4 collages: paper, acrylic, ink, pencil, glue


There's an aspect of the historical, roman numerals, infinity, millennia in the grass... also there's Arabic art that works in letters and numbers without being overt... the blade of each spear really look like blades - Sarah

Like the fact that the blades are grass are ghost prints. Recommend reading Uval Harari (Sapiens) and Timothy Morton (Ecology Without Nature, Humankind) - Ian

"I love the simplicity of this work. The layering effect and the colours you have employed give the work depth and the pointedness of the blades of grass in each piece succeed in drawing the eye to the hand itself. The composition of each is elegant and harmonious. The positioning and direction of the hand suggests a multitude of feelings and emotions. I like the idea that your work is exploring your feelings in becoming intimately familiar with your new environment and almost proposes that you are undertaking a great deal of personal growth in discovering who you are without the distractions of urban pandemonium. This collection makes me think of searching for inner peace, contemplation in stillness and unambiguously denotes a quiet place in which to ground yourself. As I thought about your work, I pictured rolling hills, peaceful solitude, lying on the soft grass watching the clouds float by while daydreaming and perhaps even contemplatively twirling a blade of grade between your fingers". - Michelle