sharing collage artists here! (sorry instagram but I don't like social media even though there's a lot of good stuff on there)

Below are a few collage artists I stumbled across whose work I find super impactful - especially artists who use collage as social, political and environmental commentary (which no matter how hard I tried, I could NOT stop doing in my own collage attempts!).

I also stumbled across this excellent resource on collage artists. There's some of great artists mentioned in the comments too.

Annegret Soltau

John Stezaker

Marriage XXVII
26.5 x 19.6 cm

Marriage VIII
29 x 24 cm

Elizabeth Zvonar

digital inkjet print of a handcut collage

I exist as an individual, separate from other people, with private thoughts. I also understand that other people are similarly self-aware. AKA Ballsy.
digital inkjet print of a handcut collage


8"X 8"


Mark Wagner

collage from dollar bills

Money Lisa
collage from dollar bills

study collage

Anne Grgich

"As part of her drawing activity, Anne habitually uses collaged elements from a myriad of sources, from fine art prints to vernacular ephemera. In the new worlds that result, a candy wrapper or a piece of decorated tape can signify as strongly as a fragment from a 19th century mezzotint plate. These elements are at once a kind of shortcut to representation in the surging development of a work and quasi-magical vessels of meaning plucked out of other contexts and pressed into the service of expression." - Colin Rhodes 

Baby Oracle
1718" x 36"
collage and mixed media