VIS270: activity 1.2 artist research

Philippa Silbert (source)

Corona de Gugghenheim
John deFaro
2009 pencil on paper
16 by 10 inches
Installation drawing for 20' diameter hanging 'halo' constructed mainly using dried and hardened Poinciana tree seed pods. private collection.

unknown artist (source)

Valerie McLean (?) (source)

unknown artist (source)

Poinciana series by Emily Clare

"This series of drawings began with a few rubbings of the beautiful flat seedpods of Australian Poinciana trees. From these initial traces, the imagery grows more complex, tactile, and suggestive as they evolve. This approach yields abstract compositions that suggest a variety of natural forms, aerial views of rugged topography, close-ups and some of worlds of their own. Each drawing is unique and rich with intricate, abstract detail that can be appreciated at close range. Close inspection also reveals that, although they're predominantly monochromatic, they all contain touches of color."

unknown artist from the John Carter Brown Library