VIS270: Tear Drops

Tear Drops
sculptural piece
2.25m x 1.47 m
wool, wire, bird wire, cloth tape, velvet, fake fur, fishing line

Inspired by soft sculpture and traditional basketry, Tear drops has 8 individual pieces shaped like tear drops which are positioned in a wave and held suspended by transparent line. Rather than visibly hanging, there's a sense of falling into gravity, each drop caught in the midst of downward motion.

Tears cried often evoke a physical response in the witness of empathy, touch and closeness. This piece also aims to evoke empathy, touch and closeness - the materials used have been chosen for their visual and textural attraction, their ability to make the witness want to reach out and investigate and while doing so, read the circular story each piece holds. Each drop is cup like in shape, you can put a hand inside and feel the unique tale the textures the materials contain. Like tears, each piece falling tells a different story of shade, depth, meaning and feeling.