VIS270 major project: process

Step one:

Initial sketches with a vague starting point of woven circles joined together...

Step two:

Eight pretty woven circles and how I made them on a hula hoop... making strong and flexible circular wire frames that can be shaped... cutting and attaching bird wire to the circular frames... fixing cloth tape to the frames for additional strength, flexibility and surface area for the woven circles... attaching the woven circles to the frame with glue... using transparent fishing line (I really wanted the fixtures to be unseen) to sew velvet backing to each woven circle and to create a soft, clean, folded and textured edge.

Step three:

Attaching velvet and fake fur as backing and neat borders to the frame of each woven circle with glue...

Step four:

Still not sure what kind of sculptural piece I'm making here so playing with shapes and a few ideas... sea creatures, lips, eyes, pods, tear drops, baskets, flowers and shapes that radiate...

Step five:

Think I'm getting somewhere! I want to maintain the character of each individual piece so will hang them seperately from a branch from the ceiling... am loving the way the drop shapes fit inside each other but not sure how it will all come together... a concept is finally forming (I think? It kinda feels like falling starting a project with no idea what I'm making but it's fun too - just working with the materials from any starting point and seeing what comes as each step unfolds.)