VIS270 major project: artist research

So far, there's a vague idea brewing of a wall or hanging sculptural piece made from woven woollen circles (60cm diameter) and chicken wire (as an armature that can be shaped once the circles have been sewn onto it). I like the idea of beginning the work by creating small and separate pieces on the wire so there's space for experimentation.... I also like the idea of one large piece that is bent into waves and ridges... there's a vague sense of "fruiting" and "abundance"... would love to integrate wood, vines or wool wrapped sticks... but I've got no idea how it's all going to come together! Below are some artists who use weaving, wool or armature in their sculptural work.

Tammy Kanat
 weaves in the round with frames she shapes herself.

Love the feeling of waves and undulation and flow in this piece by Amber Robles Gordon.

Anastasia Azure's work is rhythmic, symmetrical and radiant. I like the feeling of opening and giving while drawing one inwards at the same time. About her work she says:

"Essentially, my work is woven dimensional fabric. I weave and integrate structural form into fabric and I also shape the fabric afterwards. I feel that my weavings truly breathe life when they exist in the third-dimension. I am inspired by adornment, ritual and the elegance of geometry. To evoke emotional response, I use lyrical movement, vibrant colour, complex constructions and compositional beauty. I weave contemporary materials to create sculptural effects with playful interaction, formal resolve and conceptual content. My artistic evolution and development reflect my travels and the available specific textile technology. My fibre artwork has had three distinct phases: sculptural adornment, installation art and pure exploration."

This installation by Crystal Wagner is shaped like natural forms but uses many polyester type materials. I like how there's open spaces to let light and air move through and around it.

This work by Matt Tommey is elegant. I like the sense of the woven baskets coming off the central branch like fruit.

The stick sculptures from Annoel Krider have a power to me, totemic.