VIS270 activity 1.3: artist research

I'm contemplating a sculptural piece for this assessment that uses stone and chicken wire around the theme of loneliness and wanted to find some artists who use similar materials and walk the line between abstract and figurative...

Land of Giants
Perth, Australia
Peter Lundberg's large concrete structures walk the line between abstract and figurative. They're really beautiful to me... the open form natural shapes and scale grab and hold my attention (wouldn't quite work for the Woolahra Small Sculpture competition ha ha)

Michael Grab's balancing rock art speaks of grace and perfection and timelessness. His pieces also for me, walk the line between abstract and figurative. Knowing they could topple over at any second makes them feel alive and real in a way that stable structures are not.

Andreea Medar's sculptural works are delicate and detailed, graceful they seem alive. Possibly leaning more toward abstract forms, some of her work takes the shapes of human body parts and in that, are figurative. This piece looks like a brain to me.