VIS120 Week 8: line + recognition

Contour and line drawings:


Jean Arp:
Jean's simple and round lines and curved figures create volume and movement. What could be just heavy blobs of shape become sensual and alive in his closed form sculptures and this painting.

Guillaume Apollinaire:

Guillaume Apollinaire used words to form simple lines that create child-like shapes and images. He "draws" with words and tells stories with both visual and written language.

Kazemir Malevich:

In these paintings, sharp lined shapes create dynamic movement and figures. There is a conversation between the distinct and different coloured geometric forms that creates rhythm and flow. Everything is in action.

Varvara Stepanova:

These paintings use simple lines and shapes to show figures moving and playing and gesturing: caught in the middle of an action. They look like they could dance of the page. Looking at the lines closer, the images can almost shape-shift - as more is seen, the story they depict changes.