VIS120 Week 5: mark making

A few ideas below to make marks. So many things you can do... the only limit is imagination and tools you've got on hand. The list below is not exhaustive but a good start. To make different marks you can:
  • splatter
  • smear
  • scratch
  • smudge
  • drag
  • gouge
  • scribble
  • frottage
  • drag medium away with a tool
  • rub away with an eraser
  • masking tools like wax or tape
  • different types of paper
  • different brush effects using different tools
  • different mediums
  • pixels on a screen drawing program
  • finger painting
  • imprinting (ie hands, feet other objects to stamp with)
  • stippling
  • cross hatch
  • shading
  • natural degradation + weather exposure
  • change the way you make the mark like using a pencil attached to a long stick or using 2 pencils taped together...
  • create rules like the medium can't lift off the surface while drawing
  • close your eyes and draw with one hand touching a tactile object and the other hand moving the pencil in tandem
Also came across an excellent lesson with great ideas for exploring line in drawing on this slideshare. This one is also great.