VIS270: activity 1.2 poinciana pod sculpture

The part of the poinciana pod that called me most to feature in this project was the seam down each side and I wanted to find a way to to have a "seam" without actually creating two identical halves and joining them together. The end result is interesting. Not quite beautiful, more mathematical. I'm intrigued by the way the compressed version one of the piece (closed form) feels more natural and flowing to me, while the separated "slices" in version two are more technical (open form). The shellac warmed up the cardboard a lot and using a stick rather than a skewer brought in a sense of the tree roots of the original pod inspiration.

Version one:

Version two 

All parts of activity 1.2:
  1. finished sculpture
  2. sculptural process
  3. artist research
  4. more drawings
  5. technical drawings
  6. photographs of natural object
  7. drawing from description