VIS270: activity 1.2 technical drawings

Orthographic representation drawing:
Orthographic views are two-dimensional views of three-dimensional objects. Orthographic views represent the exact shape of an object as seen from one side at a time as you are looking perpendicularly to it. Depth is not shown. For most objects, three views are sufficient to accurately describe the object. source

Front view = object drawn looking straight on
Side view = object drawn looking side on
Plan view = object drawn from above

"First Angle Projection" drawing instructions from this website

Cross sectional drawing:

Axis drawing:

Grid drawing:
Photograph desaturated and exposure lightened to make more detail visible. 1cm square grid lines drawn. Instructions on how to do grid referencing taken from this website

Gestural drawing:

All parts of activity 1.2:
  1. finished sculpture
  2. sculptural process
  3. artist research
  4. more drawings
  5. technical drawings
  6. photographs of natural object
  7. drawing from description