VIS120 Week 4: squares + placement

I explored placement in a square to generate different ideas about the original image from the drawing with ripped paper exercise. When there's a lot of white space, the image feels light and spacious. With a predominance of black, it's heavier, denser and more crowded feeling. Interestingly for the variations of my original image, the white space dominant images feel tense, like anything could happen, there's more attention drawn to the outline and movement of the figure, more dynamism... whereas the black space dominant images feel more relaxed, they're solid, clean, dependable, not open to interpretation, rather they're in charge and outline the space.

Original image:


Positive and negatives spaces and inversion influenced by MC Escher:

Experimenting with placement in squares:

Artists who use positive and negative space

M.C. Escher
For me, Escher's work inspires more mathematical precision in my own work - to trust numbers and measurements to give positioning within a square or page and to be exact. The exactness gives a sense of solidity and clarity in his woodcuts, nothing is left to chance and there is no uncertainty. Each image is contained and complete unto itself...
Plane-filling motif with reptiles
M.C. Escher

Sky and Water
M.C. Escher

Paul Cleden
Paul Cleden's linocuts play with positive and negative space and reach into every corner of the square they're created in, almost bursting out of the edges and inhabiting the space fully. For me, this positioning gives a feeling of life and movement, everything is flowing and changing and will continue on in the next moment...

Many Faces of Football
Paul Cleden

Bike Race
Paul Cleden