VIS270 activity 1.1 musings

Outside and inside form a dialectic of division, the obvious geometry of which blinds us as soon as we bring it into play in metaphorical domains. It has the sharpness of the dialectic of yes and no, which decides everything.
- Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space
To me, this statement speaks to outside and inside holding different points of view. They're clearly defined and obvious... there's no doubt about what is outside and what is inside - it's immediately apparent. This division gives shape to our lives, labour and dreams.
The reality of a room is to be found in the space enclosed by roof and walls, not in the roof and the walls themselves.
- Lao Tzu
What is empty, defines shape just as much as what is solid... negative space provides fullness and the place for all things to appear in... without being hollow or vacant, it's all just noise without perspective or depth or meaning.

An excellent resource and questions for looking at sculpture:
  • Do the contours enclose the form or do they belong in both a positive and negative space?
  • Is the form contained unto itself or is it open, reaching out in/holding space?
  • Is the composition full or does the from divide, transverse and articulate space?